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I used my Pentax K100D to take all the pictures myself. These have been taken at a variety of places, often in the ceramics studio (a few times inside the kiln room).

My most recent setup at home, born out of the necessity of not having access to the studio during the winter break, consists of a high stool, a tripod, a grey card, and two pieces of white cardboard, one as the backdrop and one as a reflector. The camera is put on ISO 200 (the lowest setting on the K100D) and F/14 or higher, and set on the 10-second timer. Natural lighting comes from a window on the left. So far, this seems to give the most consistent results.

Subdued lighting (for example the kind you get on cloudy days) seems to give better results than bright sunlight, as subdued lighting casts softer shadows and so the reflector is more effective in softening them. I have also tried shooting work at night with my normal room lights (various combinations of halogen, CFL and LED) but the artificial lighting did not give correct colours even when a grey card is used; manual white balance correction in Photoshop seems to, however, work, although there still seems to be a slight yellow tint.


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  • Inside Japanese Ceramics : A primer of materials, techniques, and traditions / Richard L. Wilson
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  • Handmade Potter’s Tools / Philip Whitford, Gordon Wong
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  • The Complete Home Potter : A practical, accessible course in pottery skills and techniques including wheel throwing and handbuilding: over 800 color photographs and 30 step-by-step projects / Josie Warshaw
    738.14 WAR, North York Central Library
  • The Potter’s Studio Handbook : A Start-to-Finish Guide to Hand-Built & Wheel-Thrown Ceramics / Kristin Müller
    738.1 MUL, North York Central Library
  • Molded and Slip Cast Pottery and Ceramics / David Cowley
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  • The basics of throwing / David Cohen
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  • Glazes from natural sources : a working handbook for potters / Brian Sutherland
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