Specific targets being aimed for


My goals for 2013 were originally documented in my personal blog at LiveJournal.

As I mentioned in my original blog entry, my goal right now is to raise my skills to a decent level before I graduate (or forced to drop out) and lose access to OCAD’s ceramics studio, and my definition of “a decent level” is that I can hold a piece I made in my hands and not say it’s a piece of crap. (Note: For ceramics, it is possible to look at a piece and think it’s fine, but pick it up, hold it in your hands and immediately change your opinion and say it’s crap. It is specifically this that I’m aiming to avoid.)

As mine is a two-year program and I’m already in thesis, I don’t have much time left and I’m finding myself putting way too much time in the studio, to the detriment of my thesis. Obviously this has to change or I’ll be kicked out of school before I can achieve my ceramics goals.

My single goal for 2014, originally documented in the Ceramic Arts Daily forums, is, given that I have only one semester left and have to finish my final project, simply to keep practicing as much as possible. However, with ceramics having become part of my thesis, 2014 has shifted towards slipcasting.

As of December 2014, I still have access to the studio until my contract expires next March. Looking for a studio to join or setting up my own studio is still a necessary goal but is temporarily deferred.

Auxiliary artefacts

ArtefactPrimary forming techniqueStatus
Chuck Throwing Need more different-sized chucks
Name stamp Handbuilding Failed to produce functional artefact


ArtefactPrimary forming techniqueStatus
Tea cup Throwing Tentatively ok
Tea cup with handle / mug Throwing + handbuilding Tentatively ok
Mug that can be left on the Mug Share shelf Throwing + handbuilding Probably achieved, but the shelf has disappeared
Bowl Throwing Trying to achieve consistency
Dish Throwing Tentatively ok
Plate Throwing Tentatively ok
Chopstick holder Handbuilding To attempt
Soap holder Handbuilding To attempt
Large bowl Throwing Trying to achieve consistency
Cup with lid Throwing Ergonomic problems
Cup with infuser and lid Throwing Awaiting first sample from kiln
Sugar shaker Throwing + handbuilding Achieved but need better ergonomics/usability
Spoon Handbuilding Usable but need better techniques
Teapot Handbuilding To attempt