2014 02 20 B

Finished work showing cup, strainer and lid as separate parts

Mug with slab-built handle, strainer and lid ( 2¾″, 180 mL without strainer / 135 mL with strainer). Mid-fire speckled clay and glazes. Wheel thrown and fired to cone 6.

The mug was knocked off the wheel a few times during trimming, and the lid was dropped on the table accidentally when I tried to attach the handle. Bending the handle caused many small cracks and we will need to see how the handle holds up after firing.

Trimmed Handbuilt Glazed Slips & glazes Status Next step
2014/02/26, 2014/02/27 2014/03/04 Burlington Clear (inside), Doom and Gloom Grey (outside bottom), Spearmint (outside top), Blue Me Away (strainer top) Finished
  • (Photo of work)
    Finished work with strainer and lid on the cup
  • (Photo of work)