2014 09 27 A

Fired work

“November 19” bowl ( 5¼″, 350 mL). Mid-fire reclaimed clay, underglazes and glazes. Wheel thrown.

This is my secod experiment with adding visual interest on the inside of the bowl while replacing a full underglaze painting on the outside with outline drawings and relying on different glazes to evoke colours. This second experiment was done primarily to test how a drawing on the inside will work out.

Concept statement:

A buffalo stew / I wonder how it tastes like / But I just got snow. I jotted these words down in my sketchbook on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 after realizing that I would not, again, be able to make it to the Buffalo Stew Lunch (I probably wanted to make it to the talk a little more than making it to the actual lunch). It was snowing outside, and it fact it turned out that it snowed so much traffic would be completely jammed in a couple of hours afterwards.

Trimmed Handbuilt Glazed Slips & glazes Status Next step
Jet Black (underglaze), Yellow (underglaze), Doom & Gloom Grey, Blue Me Away, White Flake, Tea Dust, Burlington Clear Bisqued Glazing
  • (Photo of work)
    Side view, illustration side
  • (Photo of work)
    Side view, date side
  • (Photo of work)
    Bottom view
  • (Photo of work)
    Top view