2014 10 21 E

“November 9” bowl ( 4¾″, 225 mL). Mid-fire reclaimed clay, underglaze and glazes. Wheel thrown and fired to cone 6.

This is one of two bowls I made to experiment with adding visual interest on the inside of the bowl while replacing a full underglaze painting on the outside with an outline drawing and relying on different glazes to evoke colours that I felt would be appropriate for the picture.

Concept statement:

Cloudy & windy / but dandelions / still I see. I jotted these words down in my sketchbook on Sunday, November 9, 2014 as I stood outside my church waiting for a bus. The rain from the previous day had stopped, and it was no longer so cold, but I was struck – it was almost mid-November after all – when I found not one, but quite a few dandelions on the grass. In the background the grey sky, the denuded tall trees, the shorter trees with leaves still hanging on, and the tall grass in the front created four layers of distinct textures.

Trimmed Handbuilt Glazed Slips & glazes Status Next step
Jet Black (underglaze), Spearmint, Rococo Baby, Tea Dust, Burlington Clear Finished
  • (Photo of work)
    Top view
  • (Photo of work)
    Bottom view