2014 11 18 C

Glazed, large leaf side

Ceramic glass ( 2¾″, 180 mL). Mid-fire Mid Red clay, underglaze and glazes. Wheel thrown.

This is my first glazed piece this semester using red clay with Burlington Clear. The clear unfortunately was applied too thick and so cloudiness happened (and as a result the red isn’t as red as I hoped). I am also ambivalent about the rim with Tea Dust.

Concept statement:

During the beginning of fall I collected a number of leaves. On this ceramic glass are images of three of these leaves.

Trimmed Handbuilt Glazed Slips & glazes Status Next step
2014/12/02 Jet Black (underglaze), Burlington Clear, Tea Dust Finished
  • (Photo of work)
    Glazed, medium leaf side
  • (Photo of work)
    Glazed, small leaf side
  • (Photo of work)
    Bisqued, large leaf side
  • (Photo of work)
    Bisqued, medium leaf side
  • (Photo of work)
    Bisqued, small leaf side