2015 03 02 B


The empty bowl makes the most noise bowl, brailled and written horizontally. Mid-fire A1 casting slip, underglaze and glazes. Fired to cone 6.

Re-created for GradEx. The cast was dried naturally for 20 minutes and no dots were detached. I was concerned that there might have been a minor glaze contamination on the bottom. But what turned out to be the real problem was that I didn’t wipe off enough glaze at the bottom, and the glaze melted onto the shelf. Rococo Baby also turned out to not work too well as a secondary colour. Also, some of this opaque glaze melted onto the writing and completely covered one of the words.

Trimmed Handbuilt Glazed Slips & glazes Status Next step
2015/03/07, 2015/03/08 Jet Black (underglaze), Burlington Clear, Tea Dust, Doom and Gloom Grey, Rococo Baby Fired
  • (Photo of work)
    Half glazed